A change in direction

A change in direction..

Hey guys!

So we decided to make a few changes to LuLu Aromas.

We have made the decision to move from wax pots and individual wax melts to heart clamshells and snapbars!

The reason?…our customers wanted a little more from us and when they ask, they get!

Our snap bars weigh 50 grams each and our premium scented heart clamshells weigh a hefty 60 grams meaning you get more for your bucks! It also gives us the opportunity to be a little more creative with the designs for each individual scent so look out for some glitzy, glamourous looks!

With an added 12 new scents and an upgrade for our old but classic scents, what more could you want 😍

We are launching our first lot of snapbars and clamshells on Saturday 30th January and our second lot on Saturday 6th February.

In the meantime, head to our wax pot and melts section to grab yourself a bargain in our discontinue sale!


Forever wanting to expand, I am sure we will be letting you know about what is coming next very soon….😉

Love – LuLu Aromas X

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